About us

Although our company started operating in 1998, it evolved from an older flooring business that was inherited by the current owner Burt Milburn.  Burt's father was in the flooring business for 30 years and taught Burt a lot about the business.

We have created a network of affiliated flooring stores--each owned by a family having extensive experience and access to many types and brands of flooring materials.  Each store is a licensed and bonded flooring contractor and has excellent installers.

Collectively, our network of flooring specialists has over two hundred years of experience in solving flooring problems and needs.  They have provided flooring products and services in all types of residential and commercial facilities.  The facilities where they have worked have ranged from log cabins to industrial facilities and high rise office buildings.  They have extensive experience in all types of residential facilities.  These include single-family homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, multi-family units, etc. 

Our specialists have experience in providing and installing products ranging from very basic flooring materials up through the very high quality materials used in high value homes and executive offices. 

One of the flooring contractors is also a licensed general contractor.  He is very good at resolving flooring problems that relate to other aspects of construction/remodeling.

 In order to serve the special needs of realtors, property managers, investor property owners, and their clients, we make a special effort to stock basic flooring materials.  We can arrange to have these materials installed quickly and inexpensively.  When necessary, our affiliated stores can often provide and install the stock materials within 24 hours.

In addition to the network of stores, we also have been marketing under the name Carpet & Linoleum Warehouse in Eastern Contra Costa County.  The former owner of the Carpet & Linoleum Warehouse retired and allowed us to use that name also so that we could follow through on the needs of his former customers and others familiar with the name.

Please note that we have available almost all types and brands of residential and commercial flooring materials.  For example: carpets, hardwoods, tiles (stone, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl), bamboo, cork, sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber, VCT, etc.